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Questions and Answers

How does the Bright Bean Coffee subscription work?

The Bright Bean Coffee subscription is designed to introduce you to the finest small-batch roasters from across the U.S. Each month, you’ll receive a freshly roasted bag of premium coffee from a different roaster, ensuring a unique and delightful experience every time. You can choose to subscribe monthly, and all deliveries come with free shipping. Plus, you can adjust your preferences or cancel anytime for complete flexibility.

What makes Bright Bean Coffee different from other coffee companies?

At Bright Bean Coffee, we are committed to supporting small, independent roasters who prioritize quality and sustainability over profits. Our founder, Andrew, personally travels the country to handpick the best beans from these roasters. Each batch is roasted to order, ensuring ultimate freshness and flavor. By choosing Bright Bean Coffee, you’re not only enjoying exceptional coffee but also helping to sustain local businesses and promote fair trade and environmentally friendly practices.